Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Joys of My Hair!

this is me... Or was me... I love my hair dark and this is how i looked for a long long time! But I have a tendency.... no an addiction to coloring my hair. I often go for dark colors like deep dark brown and I LOVE black! and occasionally I will add an awesome color like RED! Well for the summer i decided to switch things up a bit. and I wanted to go back to the color I had in September. I looked like this!
SEE, not a bad a goal right!!! I didn't think so! and I remember I went through some mass hair trauma to get it here. I got this hair color on accident. I was on a trip to Colorado with some good friends of mine (Blaire, Kara, and Marisa) and we decided to have a hair dying night! and i decided i wanted to go blonde, which turned out ot be a copper color... so when i got home, i dyed it over and over to get a beautiful color that it was for my family pictures!!!! So here i am in May wanting to dye my hair to get this color....

Step 1: Step one, Bleach my hair!!!

Why in the world my hair went FIRECRACKER red i have no idea. I was expecting a little copper, but not my entire head... so we are on to step 2......

Step two...
dye it with a green based color to off set the FIRECRACKER RED.

Blaire thought it was best to put a bag on my head!!! it definitely contains the mess. and here is my awesome cousin Makayla posing as a cartoon in this photo My cousin is so wonderful as she is so worried about the fried state of my hair and it potentially turning into mush!! Bag heads... It's the new rage! try it, Love it, Live it!!!!

Outcome:Now i can not convey to you how truly ginger i am at this point... I know it may look like a light caramel brown... but not it is a nice brassy ginger color! I looked like i belonged to the Match family (which is not a bad thing, cause Hodie and Mason are my favorite gingers in exsistance!) But as Ben saw via skype, and all my poor co-worker can attest, that ginger is not the color for me!!! .... so after a long long day at work, waiting patiently for the 'Zombie Apocalypse" that never happened i got off work, and bought a darker, green based color!

Step three: dye my hair again with darker green based dye.....


The color is very very very pleasing to mine eyes... but the damage to my hair, well is fatal! It will take many weeks of great conditioning treatments for it to look and feel healthy again, but that's okay because I am pretty dang close to my natural Color... And this is my adventure of dying my hair lighter!

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