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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Joys of My Hair!

this is me... Or was me... I love my hair dark and this is how i looked for a long long time! But I have a tendency.... no an addiction to coloring my hair. I often go for dark colors like deep dark brown and I LOVE black! and occasionally I will add an awesome color like RED! Well for the summer i decided to switch things up a bit. and I wanted to go back to the color I had in September. I looked like this!
SEE, not a bad a goal right!!! I didn't think so! and I remember I went through some mass hair trauma to get it here. I got this hair color on accident. I was on a trip to Colorado with some good friends of mine (Blaire, Kara, and Marisa) and we decided to have a hair dying night! and i decided i wanted to go blonde, which turned out ot be a copper color... so when i got home, i dyed it over and over to get a beautiful color that it was for my family pictures!!!! So here i am in May wanting to dye my hair to get this color....

Step 1: Step one, Bleach my hair!!!

Why in the world my hair went FIRECRACKER red i have no idea. I was expecting a little copper, but not my entire head... so we are on to step 2......

Step two...
dye it with a green based color to off set the FIRECRACKER RED.

Blaire thought it was best to put a bag on my head!!! it definitely contains the mess. and here is my awesome cousin Makayla posing as a cartoon in this photo My cousin is so wonderful as she is so worried about the fried state of my hair and it potentially turning into mush!! Bag heads... It's the new rage! try it, Love it, Live it!!!!

Outcome:Now i can not convey to you how truly ginger i am at this point... I know it may look like a light caramel brown... but not it is a nice brassy ginger color! I looked like i belonged to the Match family (which is not a bad thing, cause Hodie and Mason are my favorite gingers in exsistance!) But as Ben saw via skype, and all my poor co-worker can attest, that ginger is not the color for me!!! .... so after a long long day at work, waiting patiently for the 'Zombie Apocalypse" that never happened i got off work, and bought a darker, green based color!

Step three: dye my hair again with darker green based dye.....


The color is very very very pleasing to mine eyes... but the damage to my hair, well is fatal! It will take many weeks of great conditioning treatments for it to look and feel healthy again, but that's okay because I am pretty dang close to my natural Color... And this is my adventure of dying my hair lighter!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's almost been a year!!!!!

Well hello again,
It has been almost a year since I last "blogged", and well I think that is far too long for someone to go without talking about their life! So I am back. I will admit that I completely forgot that I had a blog until I was talking to a friend and he said that he had "facebook" stalked me, and on my facebook is the link to my blog, and he said that he read it! and wow it is out of date!!!! So here I am again and going to get into the habit of Blogging!
It's hard to start up again, so I thought I would give a quick recap/overview/briefing of the life of me now, in the past year!!!!
Firstly a year ago, I talked about how I was single, I regret to inform you that that didn't last for long and that I got back with said ex boyfriend, but now we are done for good and have been for about 2.5 months! For all of you that I was a brat to, ditched out on, never talked to or told you to go to hell for this boy... I AM VERY SORRY! I give the biggest apology to my family that had to put up with me and my drama through that life chapter of mine!!! But thanks to them and to my true friends that have stuck around and love me all the same! I love you all dearly!

Also I talked about how to approach me, and I talked about a self help program that I swore I would never go to it... well I went!!!! and I loved it! the program is called Great Life, It is quite pricey but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I learned so much about myself and how I show up in the world, and I like to think I grew up a lot from this experience! I found out who I am, and I found purpose on a completely personal level. Who am I, you ask? I am a pure, forgiving, creative woman! And I courageously inspire love, dedication, passion and power! Who are you? and what is your purpose??? Anyways I made many great friends in this training that I will always have a special place in my heart for!

I still think that people need to slow down and enjoy life, and that I will always want to take a man camping with me to put up my tent! I just think that those are only natural things to want! I am not in school right now, but am in the process of enrolling for fall semester!!! I am really excited to be going back and to keep my mind busy again! so that no matter what I will always have something to do! So that will be exciting and I can't wait to get that rolling again. I will be going to UVU .... and will be commuting... and spending tons of money on gas But I just can't see myself moving to happy valley! Just don't see that to be like a good fit! Nothing against you happy valley dwellers!

Anyways I will cut this blog a little short and will write another here shortly and have more of a theme behind the entry, basically this one is saying..... HONEY I'M HOME!!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

There are reasons we have men!!!

Well firstly, I will be the first to admit that I am a little on the FEMINIST side. I believe that woman are very well capable of doing the same things that men can!!! But sometimes there are reasons we have men around

For instance, tonight... I had a lovely girls night in the wilderness... So there we (7 girls) are for
over an hour trying to set up a tent... with not stakes to anchor it (so we substituted large rocks that wouldn't stay on the tent to anchor it), and absolutely no idea as to where the poles go (red dotted ones, whited dotted ones, and yellow dotted ones), and how it's meant to hold up the tent!

So i have provided a picture for you so you may actually see, how the tent looked in the end... but let me give you description because the picture makes it look fine!! Firstly it's placed on the rockiest place. Secondly the first bar that you see, is leaning ever so nicely on t
he middle bar, not anchored or anything, and there is one in the back of the tent just leaning as nicely as ever also... and the the tent isn't even center on the middle bar... it's a good 5 inches to far to the right and completely bent down the side!!!

so that is why we have men... to Put up our tents... because heaven knows that girls were not meant to do it!!! but We did have any awesome fire thanks to yours truly!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Art of Being Single

Well I have been in a relationship for roughly 2 YEARS... Well just recently the relationship ended. And can I just tell you what an adjustment that is. It's the small stuff that you miss the most, or are the hardest not to do. So many things have to change now...

I don't have someone to text constantly
I have to drive everywhere
No more good night calls, or good morning texts
No more plans after work every night.
No one to stay up late and discover cool shows with.
Not to mention the hugging and kissing that doesn't happen
You don't have a best friend anymore...

I mean the list goes on and on... Being single has it's perks! Like girls nights anytime, and the option to date around (although I'm not nearly ready for that) Just take a moment and think how you're life would change if you became single... It's interesting, and makes you take for granted the small stuff!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life in the fast Lane

So many times people get caught up in the "fast lane" mode. They are constantly going going going, rushing to work, back home to do bills, back to school, then home for some homework. Not often these days do people slow down. They speed through life forgetting to look around.

This weekend I have the opportunity to spend it with my Great Aunt Delores, and my Grandmother's Husband Claire. Both of which are in their 80's and still very alive, but life moves slower for them. Today I help cook a dinner. I haven't done that in ages. I also sat down to read a frivolous book. One that wasn't required for work or school. I even took a cat nap. At first it was frustrating to slow down, to not have anything to do, but then with a different look I'm learning to love it. I can't wait for the relaxation and adventures that are to come over the next couple of days. Because life needs a refresher course and this is mine!

Sunday, May 9, 2010



My mom is better than all of yours

My Attitude.

I know that I have an attitude. It is something that I have always had and I don't see going away anytime soon. I also believe in standing up for what I believe in; and one thing I believe in is ME. I know how to take constructive criticism, But DO NOT throw me under the bus....

Some things people should know when confronting me.

... Don't throw me under the bus...
... Do Not expect me to react in a certain way...
... Don't ever tell me that i can't do something...
... Be logical...
...Don't get emotional, Keep this professional, I am...
... Don't tell me that my moral beliefs are wrong (i.e. I believe in standing up for my staff and their rights regardless of if they made a mistake, because we all make mistakes and learn from them; so don't ask me to throw them under the bus)
... Do Not tell me to be like somebody else, because I am nobody but MYSELF...


... Don't try and sell me some SELF HELP program that cost thousands of dollars...

I believe that i can be pretty reasonable. I also believe that i can make a difference, and any task that I'm given can be done 150% of what is expected. I have an attitude and I like to keep it positive. If there is a problem show me. But until you can show me, don't attack me! I don't appreciate it.

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